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We specialize in strategic brand development, marketing plan and stakeholder engagement.The TOC team is proud to be known for successfully developing and executing branded community and target market outreach campaigns.

Team Score

We produce visually appealing communication materials and offer time-saving tactical tools. With demonstrated technical expertise in pinpointing the message to inspire the desired target, we translate complex info. into relevant communication.

The Why

Through a deep understanding of where values align, we are able to create powerful connections to target audiences. Inherent to this process is a commitment to collective intellect, listening, esprit de corps and a focused fact-based understanding to each project.

Tracy Owen Chapman

TOC Consulting is led by founder, team leader, Tracy Owen Chapman who’s known as a change agent, connector of people and team builder. With an innate ability to bridge communication gaps in the target markets, TOC brings a multi-faceted skill set and a diverse industry portfolio that straddles tourism, retail, environmental redevelopment, government, nonprofit, entertainment and education.


“My mission is to facilitate good ideas, provide strategic insights and offer tactical tools while connecting the right people with resources toward the best possible outcome!”

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